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Car Security

Car Security Systems

Not all car alarm systems are Insurance Approved Alarms but those that are approved are given a rating for insurance purposes; category 1,2 or 5 etc.  Please see below for further information on Thatcham

Insurance Approved car alarms
These are required by several insurance companies before they will ensure high risk vehicles for theft.    These car alarms are referred to as Insurance Approved Car Alarms or Thatcham Approved Car Alarms.  They are rated at category 1, 2 or 2 – 1.
 A category 1 system must, at the very least, be a passive arming car alarm and immobiliser made up of dual circuit immobilisation, a battery back up siren and protection to doors, boot and bonnet.
A category 2 is usually an immobiliser only with a minimum of 2 engine cuts (dual circuit immobilisation).  For a vehicle to make use of the 2 – 1 upgrade, it must already have a category 2 immobiliser which can be enhanced by adding a car alarm with battery back up siren and protection to the vehicle’s doors, boot and bonnet. If there are any terms that you are unsure of, please call us on 020 7226 6066

Dual Circuit Immobilisation
The electrics of a vehicle are cut in two (dual) separate places to prevent the vehicle from starting until the system is disarmed.
Auto-learning remote
We supply all of our alarm systems with 2 remote controls. More can be added to the system by our approved installer who will have to programme them in.

Battery Back up Siren
This simply means that in the alarm will be triggered in the event of a thief disconnecting your car battery.
Electronic Touch Key Disarm (Two Keys)
Provides a touch key that must be presented to the system receptacle located in a convenient position within the vehicle. The vehicle will not start until this key is placed into the receptacle.

Electronic Pin Overide
This allows your alarm system to be disarmed using a pin code. We will provide you with a pin code when your alarm is installed, this code can usually be changed by the user.

Electronic Emergency keys
These are small ‘touch’ keys which, when presented to a receptacle, will disarm the car alarm in the event of loss or damage to existing remotes.

Hyper-frequency Sensor (Microwave)
The hyper-frequency is an electronic unit that creates an invisible bubble inside the vehicle.  The system will be activated by any penetration of the bubble however, it is not affected by wind so is the ideal protection for soft-top vehicles.

Dual Zone Hyper-frequency Sensor (Microwave)            
This unit creates an invisible bubble both inside and outside the vehicle. When the outer bubble is penetrated, the alarm will omit a warning beep (warn away) When the inner bubble is penetrated the alarm will be activated. (Compatibility with selected alarms)

Ignition On Safety Circuit
Ensures that once the ignition is switched on, the immobilisation circuit cannot be activated.

Immobilisation (single circuit)
Adds a single point immobilisation cut to the vehicle\'s electronic system. This means that the vehicle will not start until the immobiliser is disarmed.

Input for Additional Sensors
Other protective sensors may be added to the system (at extra cost).  Care must be taken with Thatcham approved systems that these sensors are installed to Thatcham specification.  Additional sensors are the level reference monitor and glass break sensors.

LED diagnostics
This is a light fitted somewhere in the front of the vehicle (usually the dashboard).  If the car alarm has ‘triggered’ during the night, this light will flash in a sequence to tell you the reason.

Level Reference Monitor (Tilt Sensor, Anti Jacking Unit)
A level reference monitor will detect any movement after the system has armed and, if moved, will trigger the alarm.   It is ideal for vehicles with alloy wheels as it will detect the vehicle being jacked up at an angle and activate the car alarm.  This does not come as standard but is an option available to all of the car alarms available through us for an additional charge of £95.00 (inc VAT)

LED Status Indication
A light which illuminates when the system is armed. This gives an indication to the driver that the immobiliser or alarm is switched on.

Panic/Personal Attack Warning
Incorporated in the electronic remote control supplied with the car alarm. The panic/personal attack warning is activated by pressing a button on the remote key.

Passive Arming
This means that the car alarm or immobiliser will automatically arm itself once you have turned off the ignition.  This is a Thatcham/insurance requirement.

Protection to Doors Boot and Bonnet
The car alarm system is connected to the interior light pin switches to the doors, and extra pin switches located under the bonnet and boot (or tailgate) if required. Any unauthorised attempt to enter the vehicle by opening any of the doors or the boot/tailgate will activate the car alarm.  Bonnet protection is to prevent entry to the vehicle\'s engine and electrics and again, will activate the car alarm if the bonnet is opened.

Remote Control Keys
The electronic keys that are matched to the car alarm which arm and disarm the system. All current alarm System keys are of the rolling code type. They electronically roll each time they are used, making it virtually impossible for the potential thief to electronically GRAB or SCAN the code and use it to disarm the system.

Thatcham are the Motor Insurance Repair Research centre and in 1993, together with the Insurance Industry, police, vehicle manufacturers and car alarm manufacturers, Thatcham began working to test and set criteria for vehicle security systems.This lead to the first Category 1 car alarm/immobiliser.  Nowadays many car alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems are Thatcham rated and a full list is available on request from Thatcham.   Most UK spec cars manufactured after 1998 are automatically fitted with cat. 2 rated systems, which can be upgraded to Category 1 using a 2 – 1 upgrade. 
Since 1993 security systems have become increasingly sophisticated and have been extremely successful in reducing both vehicle theft and theft from vehicles.
All Thatcham security systems must be fitted by an approved installer in order for them to maintain insurance approval!

Ultrasonic Sensors
Two small ultrasonic \'eyes\' in the interior of the vehicle transmit a standing wave of ultra sound around the interior of the car. In the event of interruption to this ultra sound wave, the car alarm will be activated. This provides the vehicle with added protection to prevent anyone entering the interior of the vehicle before the system is switched off.   Ultrasonic sensors can be triggered by pets left in the vehicle or even by leaving the windows or sunroof open.  They are not suitable for soft top vehicles but, where ultrasonics are part of the alarm as with the Cobra 3193, 3198 and 3868 or Laserline 211 or 212 they can be substituted for a Hyperfrequency (microwave) sensor without losing either efficiency or Thatcham approval.  This substitution is made at a further cost. Please note, where suitable, all our alarms are fitted with ultrasonic sensors as standard.

Universal Central Door Locking Output
For vehicles that already have central door locking installed. On arming the system (press of a button) the doors will automatically lock, eliminating the need to put the key in the door locks.  Please note that if your central locking does not work from the passenger side, you will need an additional motor for which there will be an additional charge of £30 plus labour.

Visual Arm and Disarm Indication
Provides a visual indication that the system is switched on or off. Provided by means of the indicators flashing when switched on and when switched off. Switching on will also activate a red LED (Light Emitting Diode).
What happens when you book on line with Finsbury Car Audio.
We will call you within 24 hours of receiving your order to book a time and date for installation convenient to you. This information will be confirmed in writing.

Arranging the installation
We will arrange the installation for you at a time convenient to you. We would be grateful if you would bear in mind that as the installation will be carried out by a highly trained engineer who takes the security of your vehicle very seriously, the install will be booked for at least half a day. For this reason, the installation will be carried out in a morning or an afternoon. We cannot give exact installation times.

A note on Warranty
All our alarms and immobilisers come with an extendable warranty on the main brain (CPU) but one year only on remote key fobs, touch keys and labour. Please note however, that in order for the alarm to maintain the extended warranty, it must be checked annually by our approved installers.

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