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Vehicle Tracking

At Finsbury Car Audio we are constantly testing new products in the market so we can ensure our customers are achieving great value for money.
Vehicle crime has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Thieves have become more and more sophisticated as the security of cars has improved.
The advent of Thatcham approved security systems made it almost impossible for the thieves to “hotwire” a vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking

Today’s thieves almost certainly need the keys of the car they want to steal. Once a thief has obtained the keys to a vehicle, it becomes easy to drive the car away.
Vehicle Tracking
A vehicle tracking system is often said to be “the last line of defence” against car thieves. A covertly installed system will allow your vehicle tracked and subsequently recovered.
At Finsbury Car Audio, we install Cobra tracking products. Cobra tracking products offer pan European coverage as standard. We found this to be something that many other manufacturers either didn’t offer or charged a premium for the facility.
Have a Cobra tracking system installed in your vehicle now. As well as your own understandable desire to protect your pride and joy from theft, motor insurers are often specific in their requirements for the protection provided on a particular vehicle.

How COBRA Tracking Systems Work
What Happens When My Vehicle Is Stolen?

In the event of a theft alert, the Cobra 24/7 control room will contact the owner of the vehicle. On confirmation by the vehicle owner of an actual theft, the control room will begin tracking and monitoring the vehicle on their control screens and will liaise with the police to help recover the vehicle. All systems provide coverage across Europe.

With CobraTrak Q and CobraTrak Q attivo, a theft may be reported by the vehicle user or may be alerted by a movement device integral to the device installed in the vehicle.

With CobraTrak 5, the above applies with the addition of alerts if the vehicle is taken with no ADR card present. An alert is triggered in the control room and the owner is contacted to verify the theft.

With CobraConnex, Using a web browser with secure password protected access or via any touchtone phone, you have the ability to send and recieve \"communications\" from your vehicle (for example, obtaining a remote position request). The stolen vehicle recovery aspect works in a similar manner to CobraTrak 

Tracking Systems

1. CobraTrak Plus Thatcham Category 6

CobraTrak Plus offers stolen vehicle tracking with pan European coverage*as standard, and is recognised by major insurers thanks to Thatcham Category 6 (formerly Thatcham TQA) accreditation. 

  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking
  • International GSM and GPRS Coverage
  • Europe wide coverage (36 countries plus Russia)
  • 24/7 Service
  • Detailed theft history facilitates recovery
  • Thatcham CAT6 accredited
  • Recognised by major insurers
  • Automatic system health check
  • 3 year warranty
  • System transferable

Our standard CobraTrak Plus system delivers stolen vehicle tracking with the added security of generating:

  • Tow-Away Alert:  when motion is detected with the ignition switched off (e.g. if the vehicle is towed away)
  • Tamper Alert: When the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, or the system wiring is cut
  • GSM Jamming Alert: When an attempt to jam the GSM signal is made

Price Supplied and Fitted from £299.99

Subscription £138 per year

cobratrack plus   cobratrack plus


2. CobraTrak5 

CobraTrak 5 is the top of the range Thatcham Category 5 accredited system, incorporating all the benefits of CobraTrak Plus, GPS jamming detection, and the added protection of both Automatic Driver Recognition via Driver Card and Remote Ignition Lock.  

  • Automatic Driver Recognition: 

Drivers are issued with a unique pocket-sized Driver Card and on leaving the vehicle the system automatically arms itself. If the vehicle is moved without the Driver Card present, Cobra’s Secure Operating Centre is alerted instantly to a potential theft, even if the vehicle is taken using the vehicle’s own key.  

  • Remote Ignition Lock: 

Enables the Police to authorise Cobra to send an alert to the vehicle and prevent the engine being restarted once it comes to a standstill. This significantly increases the chance of both the vehicle and its contents being recovered undamaged, and can help avoid high speed police pursuit of suspect vehicles.  

  • GP Jamming Alert: 

Triggered when an attempt to jam the GPS signal is made. 

Price Supplied and Fitted £749.99 

Subscription £215 per year

 cobratrack5  cobratrack5

3. CobraTrak Plus and CobraTrak 5 Web 

The CobraTrak Plus service package can also be upgraded to include the following functionality for a small additional fixed annual fee: 

Web based location including: 

  • Real time vehicle location via a simple password protected web application
  • Geofence facility allowing alerts to be set relative to vehicle movement in and out of a user definable area (entering, leaving or both)
  • A Self-set Transport Mode when travelling for instance by ferry, or Garage Mode when the vehicle is being serviced avoids generating false alerts. 

Subscription £189 per year 

4. TrafficMaster TrackStar Category 6 

The in-vehicle Trackstar unit provides the vehicle's exact location, speed and direction using GPS positioning.  This technology does not rely on the stolen vehicle being near to an appropriately equipped police car, and therefore means tracking can commence quickly and effectively even if a police car is not immediately available. 

  • Thatcham Approved
  • Insurance Approved
  • Full coverage of UK and Western Europe
  • Latest industry-leading GPS and GSM technology
  • Endorsed by all police authorities
  • Operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year via the Trafficmaster Control Centre
  • Trackstar is the only Stolen Vehicle Tracking product approved by Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW
  • Protects against unauthorised movement
  • Activates automatically when you leave the vehicle
  • Detects if the vehicle is towed away
  • Detects if the vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Detects attempts to tamper with the tracking system
  • Trackstar is the only Stolen Vehicle Tracking product approved by Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover and Range Rover
  • Approved by over 20 major car manufacturers
  • Low quiescent drain (compared to many competitor systems)
  • Full conformance and electro-magnetic compatibility testing backed by the appropriate manufacturer warranty
  • Pan-European Cover as standard (with priority access to the police in more than 44 European countries) and unlimited usage roaming SIM card
  • The Trafficmaster vehicle tracking system is approved by over 20 major car manufacturers
  • Recovery of assets from as little as 8 minutes!
  • Insurance approved – may reduce premiums
  • Meets The British Insurance Industry's Quality Accreditation Process
  • Approved for Thatcham Category 6* 

Price Supplied and Fitted £249.99 

Subscription £147.50 per year

TrafficMaster  TrafficMaster

See below for the Trackstar CAT5 additional features. 

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate fact of modern living. However, with the comprehensive security systems new vehicles offer, you are covered against most types of potential car theft.  Despite this fact, the ever increasing levels of sophistication in car/key theft mean you don't always know who is around the corner. 

Vehicle theft is as inconvenient as it is distressing and there is a strong possibility that, without Trackstar, your vehicle may never be recovered!

5. TrafficMaster TrackStar Category 5

Trackstar CAT5 is a Thatcham Category 5 system for vehicle theft detection and recovery.

In addition to the above features the Trackstar CAT5 system has a unique wireless tag paired to the tracking unit.  

  • If this tag is not present, the system sends an alarm when the car is driven off.   
    The monitoring centre will then attempt to call the driver or owner to verify if there is a theft situation, and track the car.   
    This process is designed to address 'key theft' and ensures that the police are notified at the earliest opportunity.  
    The engine can be prevented from starting by a remote command from the monitoring centre.

Price Supplied and Fitted £749.99

Subscription £189.00


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